Felt it was time for a change

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Finally, some organization!

So, I have finally added 2 links to my page, my gallery on Deviant art, and my store on etsy.com. Hopefully you'll get a chance to browse, send your friends on by, etc. There has been a small lapse in my posting to both sites, but this week there will be A LOT going on to both! Hope you like 'em!
For those who may be interested, the garage sale fundraiser went GREAT! We had an awesome turn out, and the Bake Sale was a blast to run with the girls! I'm SO tired! but it was worth it! Have a good day, all!

P.S. This is my friend wheel, I generated it on Facebook. It's how all of my FB friends connect to one another. There were some on there that I didn't expect to have a connection. Neat-O!


Stuff in general

Okay, I know it's been a while, but all is well again here in "the merry ol' land of Oz." I've been painting, crafting, scrap booking, raising children, and enjoying Spring break with the fam. We haven't gone anywhere or done anything. Just vegged, which I think is better than going and doing right now. We're always out and about, doing a million things. This week however of doing nothing, has been incredibly theraputic, you know?
I am excited about Twilight coming out on DVD this Friday @ Midnight... but now this issue comes. Who has the best deal. I've seen so many different releases. Target has a 3 disc set, Walmart a 2 disc 'special edition', Amazon has the super ultimate deluxe has everything you could possibly imagine in it editioin, and then there are just the stores with the regular 2 disc editions but they're having the release parties with the fun and the giveaways & stuff. Ah descisions. What ever is a Cullen fan to do? I know... I'll read all the books again!
Speaking of reading books, I just finished the 5th House of Night book by P.C. & Kristen Cast "Hunted." It was pretty good. But, I was kinda annoyed at the end of it. Oh well. The 6th will come out next year (sniffle). However, I read the 4th mercy Thompson "Bone Crossed" by Patricia Briggs. AWESOME!!! (The picture to the right is the coverart for 'Bone Crossed'. It was painted by an artist named Dan Dos Santos. I LOVE HIS WORK! You can check him out at www.dandossantos.com) Also am anxiously awaiting the 4th Cassie Palmer "Curse the Dawn" by Karen Chance. Two and a half weeks to go on that one (agony!). But I did start reading the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz. It's pretty good... so far. It came highly recommended by my cousin Ryan, one of the coolest guys I know. He and his sister have more artistic talent than you can shake a stick at.
I'm starting to feel that I'm rambling, but hey, that's what this blog is for! So, speaking of art. I was on www.deviantart.com recently and came across some really awesome paintings. So, I'm going to share them with you, one at a time... so that the suspense eats at you and you are forced to visit my blog often. Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa! (evil chuckles are so much fun!) Here goes! Have a good one! -Jeri

Family Photo Album from TX