Felt it was time for a change

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Almost Forgot!

Want to show you a picture of my (almost) finished series of abstracts! Red was my first, and my inspiration for Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Royal, Purple, Fuchsia, and Silver. I know, I know, my very original names leave you speechless, right? LOL! Acrylics on 12 x 12 canvas! ENJOY!

Things are the way they are

Am I the only one who ever feels as though life is crashing down on them? Of course I'm not. I know full well that our trials are exactly that, our own. But wouldn't it be nice to have a pity party for every rough time we encounter? Heck yes! So I say... long live the pity party! Lol I hope you all have a really great day!


Sorry for my absence

Really, I truly am sorry for my absence. Wish I had a good excuse but I really don't. Life is hard and things get in the way. Then you find good things, just to have other not so good thin gs stand in your way. Its the way life rolls you sometimes. This year has been like that for me.

These are some pictures of art I've recently done, photography from a recent trip I was able to take back east, and some digital works as well. I do actually have quite a bit of art to post. I'm doing a boutique in November and starting up my own website in the weeks to come. Wish me luck! I hope you like them.

Family Photo Album from TX