Felt it was time for a change

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Happy New Year's!

So we're sticking to tradition tonight, putting the kids to bed and having game night with my father-in-law, and best friend. Hmm... we're still debating what games will be played, though. It's a toss-up between Risk, Uno, and Monopoly. Ahh... everyone's favorite unending games, good times. Also going for the traditional Hickory Farms sausages and cheeses, random sodas, and chips and dip. However, we are very excited about incoporating a new tradition of CHINESE FOOD! Yummy! Hope you have big plans for fun and merriment tonight. Most of all, BE SAFE, and Happy New Year to you!!! -Jeri


Oh! What A Christmas!

Quilts and scarves crafted machined and crocheted, cookies and fudge made, gifts given, presents recieved, cards mailed, love shared with one and all! What a holiday! We had so much fun, and hope you did as well!

Eric and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday the 29th! WOO HOO! Any affordable date suggestions? We usually do dinner and a movie but we want to change it up this year. We'll take any suggestions you've got for us!

Have a good weekend! -Jeri



Love, blessings, happy thoughts, and thanks

First off, thank you, to anyone who came to and/or made an order at me Scentsy party last night! It was so much fun, and a great time getting to have 'grown-up time'. LOL!

Secondly, to those who may be having a hard time with the things in life that are emotionally painful, who are hurt, or lost. I love you, and my heart is with you in your time of trial and tribulation. I know you are strong, and loving. You will get through all that you're facing at this time.

Thirdly, to those who may facing great obstacles such as complications with health, surgeries, or long travels which could prove to be problematic. I love you and pray for your wellness, safety, and speedy recovery.

Finally, to everyone who is healthy, stable, happy, and safe. Count your many blessings, cultivate more love, share your good fortune, keep planning ahead, and protect yourselves and your families.

I love you all! -Jeri


Wow! 17 days to go!

So, do you have all of Christmas shopping done? If you do, good job. I don't. I need to get two presents for my hubby. So here's the question. What do you get for the man who has everything, wants nothing, and is still reasonably priced? Welcome to my frustration! It's really not that bad at all, but with only 17 days to go, I'm really starting to feel the crunch, you know? I wish everything was a little more simple this time of year. Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try to get things to go simplistically, they still blow up in your face, amounting to extreme chaos, and even more stress? Oh well, wish me luck, and I wish you the same as well. Happy hunting! -Jeri


my last post

Okay, so I forgot to erase a whole lot of white space on my last post. So, if you want to comment, excuse my retardedness and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to do so. My bad. *blushes* -Jeri

P.S. I'm wearing my Winnie the Pooh "Stuff and fluff on the go" Christmas socks right now. I got them for Christmas my sophmore year from a friend. Which means they are about 11 years old (don't knock my friends for giving me socks, he knew me well enought to apprciate that weird socks are my thing ^_^). Do you have weird old socks?

A few really awesome things

Okay, first and foremost: you can now purchase
The Tales of Beedle the Bard at Amazon.com! Eric is excited about it, as is my BF Jess. But he's not prepared to spend copious amounts of cash on the super special addition like she is, but hey at least it's an option! Enjoy!
Second, I have to tell you just how much I loved The Dark Knight. I'm already nerdy, as you all know, so you won't be concerned or surprised by my gushing about comics come to life on the big screen.

SO... The Dark Knight gets released on DVD on Tuesday the 9th. BUY IT!!! It has Christian Bale as Batman, the BEST FREAKIN' BATMAN EVER, HANDS DOWN. Also, it's got Harvey Dent/Two Face, awesome, and the all time best villain to ever grace the big screen Played by the late, great Heath Ledger. The Joker. 'Nuff said.

If you didn't get a chance to see it on the big screen, you really missed out. C'mon, who doesn't think that Heath Ledger in a nurse's dress is hilarious. I love that they even curled he hair for it! But I think the best part is the incredibly and undeniably male walk he does in the dress! HA HA HA HA HA!

And who could forget the Joker's famous magic trick. I have never seen someone so effectively make a pencil disappear. He was absolutely bug-nuts insane and yet he still had this brilliant
and unfailing logic. It was riveting. Many people gave the movie bad reviews saying that he was a crappy joker because he didn't make any jokes. To these opinions, I would like to mention that,

  1. The joker was named that because of his calling card, which of course is a joker card, not because he should be dancing about telling jokes all the time.

  2. He's nuts, and therefore all of his jokes (of which there were many) were in fact just sick and twisted. Example: you never actually know which story of his scars is true, because he gets off on the fact that the stories are sick and scary, and they make HIM laugh. It's the subtle things like that that make him my #1 Villain of all time.

Get it, watch it, love it! You won't be sorry you did. May Heath Ledger rest in peace. -Jeri


My parties

OKAY, Here's the deal. I'm having a Scentsy party on the 9th of December at my house from 7 to 9. If you can make it, you're welcome to come. Also, I'm having a Mary Kay lady over to my house on the 12th at 1pm. If you would like to come, have a free makeover, enjoy a girlie afternoon, and otherwise have a great time, please let me know so I can plan for snacks and whatnot! Hope you have a great day, and hope to here from you soon! -Jeri


We've adopted!

We have officially adopted a pretty little black cat named Alice! She's about one and a half years old. She's lots of fun and very tolerant. We love her so much!! Woo hoo short hair domestics. We're so happy. She's sweet and playful and wants to be everybody's friend. She's all about the love. Come on by and meet her, you won't be sorry you did!

There's only a few weeks left until Christmas, and we're busy, busy, busy! I've got a friend who's holding a craft day on Saturday so busy moms, such as myself, can complete Christmas crafts sans-children (yippee, Ruth!). And at some point, I might actually get to go to see the new James Bond movie with my best friend Jess. {Ha! Proof, Jess, I haven't forgotten you!}

Well, until next time, be safe, enjoy the cold weather, and happy holidays!


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