Felt it was time for a change

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Busy Days

Am I the only one who has noticed that when you get excited that you'll have a day to relax, it ends up being a more hectic day than a typical busy day? Today was to be a down day. Taking care of Logan, who of course has a cold, and an appoint ment with the doctor late this morning. Just wasn't that lucky! Oh well.

So, were' all ready for Halloween around here. Constance is going as a witch (the nice kind), I'm going as a vampire (nice or not is yet to be determined ^_^), Eric is going as himself (yikes! Just kidding, he just doesn't like getting dressed up), and Logan picked out his costume the day before yesterday. HE picked out his costume... my 2 year old. He's going as DARTH VADER!!! I have never been so proud! He may look like his daddy, but he's SO my kid! Constance is super excited to wear her costume, complete with striped tights, she's all about being glamorous this year, and she's crazy about her hat and broom. She does this spastic happy dance whenever she talks about it... another one that looks like dad but is all mine! It's sure to be a fun night! I'll be sure to post pics!

So, as promised, I'm passing along some abstract information:
Okay, so, one of my all time top ten favorite movies is Howl's Moving Castle. It is, in my opinion, Hayao Miyazaki's best film, followed by Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. The story is beautiful, the art is impeccable, the music superb. If you get the opportunity, WATCH IT!!! You should probab;y preview it before you sit little kids down in front of it. There's nothing questionable in it, it just gets a little intense in parts (however, is you want one that you can just let the kids watch, 'My Neighbor Totoro' is extremely cute).
Okay, that's all for today. Bye!

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Chris and Brianna said...

I thought Eric was going as buzz lightyear?? no???

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