Felt it was time for a change

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Gilbert Days Parade

So Constance was in the Gilbert Days Parade yesterday, and it was great! Logan was at home with a sick daddy, but I took some great pics for him. He loved seeing the picture of the old firetruck! Ah, Gilbert Days, a fun parade that mixes all that is old and new. Lots of fun! My favorite part is always the classic cars and the MANY horses. Such beautiful creatures!
Okay, so this float was AWESOME! You hardly ever see something of this magnitude in the Gilbert days parade, but I gotta admit, this one was a doozy! The people who were on the the float were even doing Tai Chi. I have no clue whatsoever they were promotin, beit a school, church, or dojo of some kind, but nonetheless, it was pretty stinkin' cool.

I did learn some valuable things going yesterday.

  1. Six year olds get very bored waiting for the parade to start.
  2. Six year olds are still bored while sitting on the parade float.
  3. No matter how hot its going to be by 11 am, you will still freeze to death until 10:59 am.
  4. People who, as a concrete rule, never use a Port-a-Potty will in fact, after doing a thirty minute I'm-gonna-pee-in-my-seat dance, finally mentally renegotiate their rules, allow for emergency circumstances, and finally cross the street and use the oh-so-scary thing.
  5. Traffic after that parade is horrible!
  6. Black hair in direct sun gets REALLY warm (alas, not warm enought to thaw the rest of you. it's like a weird hot flash).

All in all, it was a fun day, and I got to spend time with some very dear friends and watch my daughter in her very first parade. What a day!


Victorian Lady said...

Awww...she was bored? I'm sorry. :(

I wrote this earlier, but I think Maddie messed it up, but I wanted to thank you for having me over the other day! I am very happy to have such a great new friend in my life! :)

Hey are we still on for Friday? Twilight? Let me know!

One of Dave's co-workers stayed home from work just to read the last book! Talk about commitment! lol


JDHDesigns01 said...

She wasn't bored to tears or anything, but sy the end of the parade I guess she was just ready to run around like crazy. You know... like a 6 year old does! ^_^

As for Twilight... I had been planning on calling you to let you know, but since I'm here I'll let you know now. My husband surprised me last night with advanced tickets (that I've actually had hanging on the wall ...he added a post it on it) and a promise of DATE NIGHT! I'm bummed that I won't be having a girls nigt, but at the same time, Eric and I haven't been on a date in 7 months! If he's actually able/willing to take the time from studying, I've gotta jump on it! BUT, maybe if it's mother approved we could take the girls in a few weeks when the traffic has died down. We'll have to see!

Yeah, i can understand his coworker staying home to read. before the last book came out, I HAD to read the other three again. So, in two days I got through3 HUGE novels. It was awesome! YOU HAVE TO READ THEM!!!!

Well, Mere, I gotta say it; I love having you as a new friend, too! Sorry again about Saturday, i think I'm gonna have to blame that one on the hair fumes! LOL!


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