Felt it was time for a change

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My day in a word, splendid

So today started out as any other, the hubby going to clinicals at the VA hospital, Constance to school, and Logan and I with the day ahead of us.

I had some returns to do, so I went and did them, but I was near my grandpartents house, so I stopped in to visit with them. I had only planned to stay with them for an hour or so, but 3 hours later, I realized it was time to go get Constance. What a day!

I was able to talk with both of them at length with many wonderful things. My grandfather even gave me this test on what kind of job would be best, based on this really interesting color scale. I was purple which meant I could be succesful at any number of artisticly based professions, including a painter, museum curator, industrial designer, or architect. Now, as many of you know, these are the four things I want to study and get degrees in when I finally get to go back to school. Let me tell you, it was cool!. I got to kid around with my grandma, which is always fun, and grandpa and I got to pick on her a little.

Logan and i played with blocks, and he told them all about Halloween, cars, trains, christmas, and his favorite topic; food. He was so tired after lunch, but he wanted to play. We watched their cats in the backyard, another litter was born about 3 months ago, so it was fun to watch them frolic. SO CUTE!!! (I wish I could frolic...)

I got to go and get Constance from school, and then we went to the store. When we got home, we put together flowers for the float we'll be decorating tommorrow night for the Gilbert Days Parade (I've passed the torch, afterall, I was only in it NINE times. Only fair that it be her turn.)

It was a day that may seem dull to some, but it was one of the best days I've had in a while. I love my kids so much! -Jeri

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