Felt it was time for a change

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Wow! 17 days to go!

So, do you have all of Christmas shopping done? If you do, good job. I don't. I need to get two presents for my hubby. So here's the question. What do you get for the man who has everything, wants nothing, and is still reasonably priced? Welcome to my frustration! It's really not that bad at all, but with only 17 days to go, I'm really starting to feel the crunch, you know? I wish everything was a little more simple this time of year. Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try to get things to go simplistically, they still blow up in your face, amounting to extreme chaos, and even more stress? Oh well, wish me luck, and I wish you the same as well. Happy hunting! -Jeri

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Good luck, Jeri! :D

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