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The Lion King

So, my aunt and I went to see The Lion King last night at Gammage, courtesy of my husband and one of our dear friends (her best friend), Joel. Sometime in November, my hubby dropped an email to Joel and asked if he was interested in purchasing a ticket for my aunt to go. Nothing expensive, the nose bleeds were fine (which at Gammage really is true). Joel thought that was a great idea, and thus, unknown to us, we were getting tickets for Christmas. Well, apparently, the tickets arrived at my hubby's work, and he was quite surprised to see that we were not on the grand tier (nose bleeds), but in fact, on the floor, row 24, seats 28 and 30 (which means we were only slightly higher than center stage)!
Christmas morning came and hubby gave me a box of Rice Krispy Treats (yum!) with a card in it. On the front it read "Actual Christmas Present". I opened said card and it read, "I owe you one night of babysitting the kids, enjoy a night on the town."
Well, naturally, being a full time stay-at-home mom, I was stoked! I mean really, a night on the town, sans children, and (I was assuming) some girlfriends. But then he reached into his pocket, and handed me the tickets. I was thrilled to say the very least! It was such and awesome gift!
Needless to say, I walked around with rollers in my hair yesterday, running errands, and getting all kinds of looks from people, so I could feel pretty last night. I met my aunt at IHOP, and had my favorite pancakes (Harvest Grain & Nut... yummy), and enjoyed conversing with my most treasured aunt. After dinner, we walked back over to the theatre, found our seats, teased the usher, and bought some wicked cool souvenirs (magnet, shirt, ornament).
Finally, the show started. The first scene was enough that my aunt and I were both in tears. It was beautiful, complex, and absolutely wonderful. Such artistry of the theatre is a rare and very special treat. And oh-my-goodness... THE MUSIC! If you even remotely enjoy, or can even only appreciate a tribal rhythm, you will love it. Suffice it to say, I was practically jumping up and down in my seat with excitement the whole time. I had the time of my life! Save the money, go and see it, it was completely worth every penny my two guys spent! -Jeri

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Victorian Lady said...

YEAH! :) I'm so glad you liked it! :)
I did all that cookie stuff...added the girls and the bank account. I also saw that the daisy packet they keep talking about is on there too.

Is there anything else you need from me for tomorrow night? Let me know! :)


P.S. I hope you are prepared to skate! lol

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