Felt it was time for a change

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So, on Valentine's Day, Logan got the stomache flu. He gave it Constance the next day. That following Monday, I got it, and promptly shared it with my hubby. We're a family of sharing afterall. Very giving. Anyhoo... we all felt better by thursday of last week. The kids are now super healthy, BUT One of my hubby's co workers decided that we needed to have the regular flu. BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby, again being a very giving person, has shared it with me, and I have been sick as a dog for the last 3 days!. Grrr.
Enough complaining for me. Okay, so I got more art up on etsy, so if you wanna check it out, the link is in the previous post.
it has also been brought to my attention that I don't actually put up new posts as often as I change the background for this blog. So, I will attempt to do better at posting, eventhough, I LOVE changing my backgrounds too! Well, TTFN!


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Victorian Lady said...

Um yeah. Explain to me how I can cute squares that are all the same size, only to have my rows come out all wavy?! I turned that pattern so it would be more like the stripes on the flag...the top 3 rows, perfect. The bottom 2 rows, match but shorter than the top three, and the ones in the middle, I don't even want talk about them. :(

Whatever...it's a stickin' flag on a windy day, right? :)

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