Felt it was time for a change

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So if I were able to do anything to my hair, and have the body to dress anyway I please, this is how I'd look. This is Jeravatari, and she is my avatar. She's a little 'punk', but that's why she works so well for me. I may not be a crazy-too-much-eyeliner-wearing-rock star, but there's an inner me that wishes I were. ^_^ I may do the hair though. My hubby doesn't understand the attraction. But dang, wouldn't it be great to stand out in a crowd? I sure as heck think so!

Now, take Hayley Williams. She is a rock star, therefore according to said hubby, she can have the hair. But I don't want it to be cherry red (even though it would be FREAKING AWESOME), but burgundy with black could be fun. Not chunked like I sprayed it for Halloween, but maybe burgundy with black underneath and black low lights all over? I think that could be great! I dunno. I'm at least gonna do the cut, it's pretty much what I have now, just more fun! What do you think?

Well, here is another of my works. This was inspired by my aunt, who lives for fall, leaves, and art! So, Lisa, this one's for you!

Fall Joys by Jeri Housel

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