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'Tis the season to be jolly!

I put up my Christmas tree last night! Put on some carols and lit my holiday candles. Nothing compares to the warmth of the holidays! Constance made the garland for our tree (with minimal help from me) and helped me hang the Christmas lights outside. Jess helped me unearth everything from the shed, and reload the shed with now-emoty boxes. I set up my three (yes, three) nativity scenes and hung all of my hokey wall decor up. I have boxes all over the place, but it will all soon be cleaned up and ready to go.
Eric has been hard at work studying away in preparations for exams and presentations. But he still makes time for us, which is always special. We went out and did some Christmas shopping yesterday, and got stuff for our new fish tank (same fish, upgraded tank).
Exciting news (more, I know)! Constance is the 'Star of the Week' in her class she gets to brint the snack, read her favorite story to the class, be the line leader all week, and gets to take a poster all about her to display for the week. She's thrilled!
Logan has decided that it's more fun to take the ornaments off of the tree than it is to put them on. He's also decided that the garland looks better in his mouth than hanging on the braches. We'll have to wait for a few of the beads to... um... resurface... as it were, and then they'll have to be thrown out. *uncomfortable cough* Ewww.
Well, I'm off to go and convince Eric that we need a cat named Alice (it's involved). Wish me luck!

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Jessica said...

I love the new background, Jeri. Your page looks beautiful.

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