Felt it was time for a change

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Looking good so far!

SO... as two of my goal set for this year, I wanted to start painting again, and sell said paintings. I've done both! Such a good feeling! I didn't sell one for much, but it was enough to restock some of my supplies! And the second I bartered with my aunt, totalling $65. Yippee, woohoo, and a big, fat, YEEHAW! So, for future refence, if you're looking for some original art at a decent price, I just might have what your looking for! Yea me! -Jeri

(To the right is the unfinished version of the painting [paid for, not bartered]"Dragon Lord Revisited". Acrylics on canvas and puzzle. 16" x 20". Finished version [left and down] has highlighted vines, exotic black and red flowers, and more shading in and around dragon.)

"Spheres" (not pictured) is acrylics on canvas, 10" x 14". It's an abstract... but not. Very controlled. A series of 6 different colored spheres floating in the abyss, surrounded by bolts of purple lightning.


Victorian Lady said...

Yeah Jeri! :) It is SO beautiful! Wish I could see the spheres one...did you take a picture of that? I'm so happy you're taking pictures! Check this out...his first lesson is free for you to watch and he rocks! :)


Congrats hon!


Victorian Lady said...

Yeah so it's me again :) Just wanted to let you know I'm having a contest on my blog if you wanna come by!


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